My reason

In 1970, my parents came to America from their countries with very little, so they've never had photographs to share with their children; my siblings and I. I'd love to see what my parents looked like as kids, see my grandparents even, because I've never had that opportunity, and for my parents to have photos to cherish and go along with all the wonderful stories they've shared with us.

As for myself, most of my belongings were lost in the 2016 flood that hit many of us here in south Louisiana so devastatingly- photos and letters from my best friend Madalyn, who has now passed, were all destroyed. I looked around and saw how none of us had photos of ourselves or our loved ones to look back on and it made me realize just how important images truly are. They're more than we realize; they're pieces of our life stories, our love stories, and the legacy we leave behind. Images are a gift to our children, to their children, and to all of our loved ones.

When we leave this earth, our children won't look at the photos and care about how hot or cold it was during picture day, how stressed mom was getting everyone ready, how impatient dad got with the whole situation; but they'll be brought back to mom & dad tickling them, kissing them to pieces, spinning around dancing to no music for the camera, the way mom held and cuddled them in close, and how dad loved them and mom enough to go right along with over and over again each year. They will remember how special picture day was, and how their parents made it a priority.